Thoughts Are ThingsBy Prentice Mulford


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Preston Mulford’s collected essays are a spiritual
inspiration for generations of readers. Included in this
volume are: “The Material Mind vs. the Spiritual Mind,” “Who
Are Our Relations?” “Thought Currents,” “One Way to Cultivate
Courage,” “Look Forward!” “God in the Trees; or, The Infinite
Mind in Nature,” “Some Laws of Health and Beauty,” “Museum
and Menagerie Horrors,” “The God in Yourself,” “He Healing
and Renewing Force of Spring,” “Immortality in the Flesh,”
“The Attraction of Aspiration,” “The Accession of New

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Editorial Reviews

Prentice Mulford wrote this book in 1889, long before more
well-known, contemporary authors began writing about the
power of thought. Despite being over 100 years old, this is a
powerful book on thought.

Mulford explains we have, in effect, two minds: the mind of
the body and the mind of the spirit. The mind of the body is
limited and fights change. It thinks things must always be
the way they’ve always been. The mind of the spirit trusts in
the Supreme Power which made all things and knows that
anything is possible if you believe.

Long before the law of attraction became widely known,
Mulford talked about the fact that what we talk about and
think about is what we attract to ourselves. He explains that
if a group of people talk about disease or suffering, they
will eventually bring disease and suffering to themselves in
some form. He also notes that the surest way for a woman to
become ugly is to be discontented, cross, complaining and
envious of others. He therefore encourages the reader to call
on the help of the Supreme Power to get into the thought
current of things that are healthy, natural, strong and
beautiful, and leave the negative thinking behind.

While the book talks about many aspects of the power of
thought that will be familiar to today’s readers, he also
covers some topics you don’t hear discussed as much today.
One of my favorite chapters is the one on cultivating
courage. He notes that courage and presence of mind mean the
same thing; and cowardice and lack of mental control mean
about the same thing. He notes that courage comes from
discipline regarding so-called little or trivial things. It
means focusing on whatever you’re doing at the moment, rather
than allowing your thoughts to scatter in many directions.
This focus allows you to have the presence of mind to do what
needs to be done, rather than to panic.

A great example of courage he gives is: “It was this electric
vigilance and mind watchfulness that gave an American officer
during the Revolution, who, in the confusion of battle,
suddenly found himself in front of a British regiment, the
deliberation to ask, ‘What troops are these?’ ‘The Royal
Scots,’ was the reply. ‘Royal Scots remain as you are,’ was
his answer, and he rode off to his own lines. That man had a
mind trained to give him time to think.”

I have not read another book on thought quite like this one,
and would encourage anyone interested in better understanding
the power of thought to give this book a try! –Kara D. Lane,
Author of “Wake up to Powerful Living”

“The best book I’ve ever read – bar one.” I believe that we
all read books for the same reason, it is a search for truth.
I’ve been an avid and voracious reader for 18 years and often
wondered if I would find my “Holy Grail” of a book, a book
that would literally change my life. At long last, I’ve found
it. This book is so full of wisdom and insight that I will
continue reading over and over again. The insights are so
mind blowing that I often find myself re-reading sentences
and/or paragraphs 5 or 6 times. This is the kind of wisdom
that I have never found anywhere else. This is the best kept

This is a classic for those who are looking for information
on the New Thought “idea”. Prentice is one of the pioneers in
thinking and offers a basic foundation for those of New
Thought who followed.


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