The Secret of Rhonda Byrne or the Law of Attraction in the BibleBy Ben David


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“The Secret of Rhonda Byrne” or “The Law of Attraction” is
not a new concept. In fact,it isn’t a secret at all. The law
of attraction was first promulgated by some of theearliest
wise men, and it appears again and again throughout the
Bible. But very fewpeople have learned or understand
it.That’s why it’s unfamiliar to many and the reason it
remains virtually a secret.If you were to ask one man after
another what the secret of success is, you probably wouldn’t
run into one man who could tell you. Yet, this information is
enormously valuable to us, if we really understand and apply
it. It’s valuable to us not only for our own lives, but for
the lives of those around us – our families, employees,
associates and friends. The principles of the Secret – the
principles of success, appear again and again throughout the
Bible, if you only look carefully.

CONTENTS:One Great Law,Believe,Your right to be
rich,Prayer,Visualization,The Power of Words,As a man
thinketh,Gratitude,Desire,As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap,Mental
Healings in the Bible

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