The New PsychologyBy Charles F. Haanel


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The New Psychology with a synthesis of philosophy, science,
metaphysics, and religion-defines man’s place in the universe
and reveals his latent powers with a vividness that reminds
the reader of a lightening flash.

Man is the architect of his own fortune. He can make or
unmake himself. He can be weak or strong, rich or poor,
according to the way he manipulates his consciousness and
develops his inherent ability. This requires will power,
determination, and self-improvement through work, activity,
and study. He must learn to clothe his mind with beautiful
garments of strength and power. He must be willing to spend
as much money, time, and patience to bring about this mental
garment as he would in clothing his body, beautifully and

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  • Published on: 2007-04-14
  • Original language: English
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