Need to be Great: The Magic of Thinking BigBy Avraham Tzvi Schwartz


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Let me introduce myself. You know me somewhat, but not well. I
would like to change that now. I want to show you who I am, and
what I do. Once I do this, I hope you will look at me as a
friend. Then – if you wish – we can do many great things

Who am I? What do I do? I live half within you, half beyond
you. The part of me that is in you occupies what people call
the unconscious. From here, I speak to you. I send you
messages. These messages you think of as ideas, impulses. I
make suggestions to you. You choose to follow or ignore them. I
advise you. You decide whether you like my advice or not.

In addition, I exist beyond you, in the world around you. I am
in the people you meet. I am in the celebrities you hear about.
I am in books you read and music you enjoy. I am in plant and
animal life. From all around you, I send you messages. I show
you different styles of living, different ways to conduct
yourself. I bring you new things to look at, new things to
admire – things you might even want for yourself.

An ideal

Everything you do, every word you speak, starts with a thought.
This thought is a force. It has a power to make you act in a
certain way. Even those thoughts that do not result in action,
thoughts that just pass through your head, have an importance.
They affect your personality in subtle but crucial ways.

What provokes such thoughts? There are a few such motivating
forces. I am one of them.


My job is to draw pictures in your mind. These pictures combine
to form a portrait, a model of the person you want to be. You
travel through life, and you collect such pictures. Step by
step, you develop an image of an ideal person living in an
ideal world. The values and goals of this image, of this model,
are values and goals you need. They are the building blocks of
your ideal. Introducing you to these values and goals is my

For instance as a young child, you see a firefighter. He sports
shiny boots and yellow helmet. Expertly, he kills a roaring

This sight inspires you. For days afterwards, you play
‘firefighter’. You destroy great infernos. You boldly save
lives. This game, this fantasy is my work. Here I introduce you
to qualities such as Bravery, Skill, Public service, etc.

Then, as you mature, I shuffle these pictures. I show you
heroes who are more complex, more rounded, more human. I mix
for you the features of a number of people – the competence of
one colleague, the friendliness of another, the stamina of a
favored sportsman, the appeal of a special teacher, the wealth
of a top broker, the glamour of a famous artist.

To this, I add historical and even fictional personalities. I
spice your view with insights from the natural world. The
strength of the lion stirs you. The grace of the deer intrigues
you. The beauty of a flower, the calm of a forest, the power of
a storm, all enchant you.


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