The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be OneBy Peter B. Kyne


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The Go-Getter is a book written by author Peter Kyne about
Peck, who is a veteran of war and double amputee, and is
hired by a logging company as a joke which is being played on
several employees with poor job performance. Peck surprises
his employer when he works hard and sells poor quality lumber
at high prices. This is an excellent, timeless title for
salespeople and employees which shows them that if they work
hard, they can achieve anything and Peter Kyne’s writing
style is both positive and motivating. This title is often
given to salespeople and employees in general by corporations
and companies as a highly motivating book.

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Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
This audiobook, based on a 1921 story, follows Peck, a war
veteran and double amputee eager to work for Ricks’ Logging
Company. The firm’s executives hire the hardworking and
honest Peck almost as a lark, because they’re unhappy with
several current employees’ performance. Peck immediately
surprises them by going out and selling the most undesirable
lumber for unbelievably high prices. He’s back in the office
briefly before heading out on another sale when he’s asked to
do an odd errand: he has to track down a particular blue vase
in a shop on Sunday and deliver it to the company president
by that evening. The intrepid Peck finds the store, tracks
down the owner and finally obtains the vase, proving he is
indeed a go-getter. The story is undoubtedly old-fashioned,
but the actions and attitudes of both the worker and the
manager still ring true today. Although using an exaggerated
tone at times, Morey brings Peck to life, particularly in
portraying the salesman’s frustration when he has difficulty
finding the vase. The brief afterword, summarizing the
message and highlighting the lessons-diligence, persistence,
honesty-is useful, though not overly original, and Morey
reads it straightforwardly, with no theatrics. This
lighthearted parable may interest fledgling salespeople and
less experienced employees.
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“Although Kyne’s tale of business smarts has been around for
some time, it doesn’t feel dated. … The 82-year-old story
gets some slight spiffing up by business book writer Axelrod,
and the afterword is especially helpful in pinpointing Kyne’s
main ideas.” – Publishers Weekly

The Go-Getter is a great book for motivating
employees to take initiative and make decisions without
constantly asking for management assent. … What a
revelation!” – Mark Hansen, The American Society of Safety

“Earle M. Jorgensen, who built one of the nation’s largest
steel distribution companies and helped persuade Ronald
Reagan to go into politics … kept stacks of a book called
The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to Be One
[in his desk] and gave away signed copies to visitors.” – The
New York Times

From the Author
Dave says, “This classic book teaches a critical success
principle. Success in any area of your life requires that you
decide that you will not be denied from reaching your goal.
Everyone on my team is required to read this book.”


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