Find Your Right JobBy George Samuel Clason


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There are certain occupations which each individual is more
efficient at than any other.

Psychologists tell us that we are all entitled to earn our
bread at labor that is pleasing to us, and furthermore that
we cannot be contented at any other kind. Economists tell us
that the man who is happy at his work produces far more than
his discontented neighbor, and does so with less effort and
less fatigue.

Everyone should, work at a job, occupation, or profession
that he likes. Yet, inconsistent as it seems, eighty percent
of the people of the world are dissatisfied with their jobs.
The reader of these lines may be among the number.

In brief, the work at which you are most efficient is the
kind of work that you like to do and at which you can
accomplish the most. It is likewise the work in which you can
find the most happiness, make the most money, achieve the
greatest measure of success, and do the most good for your
fellow man.

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